What’re You Doing This New Year’s Eve?

by Carey Rutherford

Like the song says, I’m wondering . . . .

Sorry for the lack of poetic extrapolation, but I’m wanting to give you as much notice of as many options as I can find in as little time as I’ve got available with as much at stake as I have.


There are so many entries under ‘Rock & Roll’ that I couldn’t gather extra info on those places: you’ll have to call them yourself.


Sonny Rhodes
Bookers BBQ Grill & Crab Shack
10:00 – 2:00, STANDING ROOM ONLY

Q Haute Cuisine

Donald Ray Johnson
The Blues Can

Ralph Boyd Johnson
Murdoch’s Bar and Grill
$10 AFTER 9:00


DJ GSD and DJ Cal Bass with Sideshow Sid & DJ Chogun
Ship & Anchor Pub
Starts with UK New Year’s celebration at 5:00 p.m.

dj krisn
Swig’s Pub & Grill
No cover, but be there by 8:00ish

Wilde Bill Yorke
Muldoons Irish Ale House
$40.00 5:30 – 8:30 dinner + evening, $10.00 after 9:00

The Heart Beat NYE party for Lovers
HiFi Club

A Stimulate New Years with Lo.Definition and the NEU Music
Original Joe’s on Stephens Ave

Suite 2011
Featuring Blond:ish, Titus1, Isaac Amor, Lawnchair Generals, DJ Shen, Jamie Norman & Roofeo. 5 ballrooms, $50/$75/$125 at 403-389-2740
Hotel Arts


Allen Christie and the Great Cow Grass Band
Stageline Saloon
$60.00 gets dinner + dance, $15.00 after 9:00, no meal, limited seating in 100 year old bldg with serious dance floor.

Staggered Pints
Fionn MacCool’s Irish Pub
acoustic celtic stylings, $10.00 after 8:00 gets you a seat in the round

The Polyjesters
Ironwood Stage & Grill

Fraid Knot
Atlantic Trap & Gill
$25.00 for a seat, 11:00 pm munchies and champagne at midnight.

Southern Moon and Lindberg Express
Royal Canadian Legion #264
Southern Moon
$60.00 dinner and dance
and Lindberg Express
$10.00 in the canteen

A Single’s NYE with The Grambo Brothers & Craig Moritz
Stockyards Saloon
$25 at ticketweb.ca 8:00, prizes, noshies, and a shooter.

Countdown to the Countdown with Deric Ruttan

Tom Phillips & the Men of Constant Sorrow
King Henry VIII Pub


Bow River
Elbow River Casino & Lounge

Forty Five
Murrieta’s West Coast Bar & Grill

Dr. Hook
Deerfoot Inn & Casino $99/$149 TM

David Wilcox
Deerfoot Inn & Casino $149, TM

Midnight Drift
Olive Grove

Why Martin?
Stavro’s Steak House & Lounge Ranchlands

Sub Urban Dwellers
Chelsea’s Pub & Grill

Trouble Maker
Unicorn Pub

Deadhorse with Ghostkeeper
Broken City

Silly Wrabbit
Rusty Cage South

Rusty Cage Central

Rusty Cage North

J.K. & The Static
Rose & Crown

Bush League with Blaze of Glory
Viper Room

Dickens Pub

Cowboy Jazz
Red Pepper Pub

No Class/Low Class New Year’s with Bullet Treatment, BDFM, Crystal Mess & Tarantuja
Distillery Public House

Beatles Forever with Black Cherry Perry
Shamrock Hotel

Pistol Noon
Border Crossing

The Dojo Workhorse with Reuben Bullock & Dangerfloyd
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre


Suite 33
Cash Casino
09:00 PM

The Silvertone Devils!!!
Stampede Casino
No Hassle New Years 09:30 PM

Now, you’ve got no excuses for not going to SOMETHING!!

Be sure to tell me about it *sniff*.

Author: Paul Verhaegh

Music is oxygen for the soul. And there is so much music out there that you don’t even know about. If you like writing and need some oxygen now and then, writing about music is a natural combination. My love for music made me take piano lessons: after a few years it became clear that it didn’t really stick with me. Nor did the trumpet, which I tried to learn too. Well, maybe I should have tried it earlier in live. Starting it your thirties is a bit late, even when it is in your early thirties! A lasting legacy of this episode is that I realized that making music is like giving a speech without reading it from paper, although there are exceptions, like orchestras. But once they've started a song or tune it sounds like they just go with the flow, or, as the expression goes, be taken away by their own muse.