The Music Festivals are coming! The Sled Island will survive.

by Carey Rutherford

It’s hard to say what the Flood Island of 2013 taught the organizers of Sled Island, but at least this year the river’s not rising at such an alarming rate. But the musicians ARE ARRIVING at an alarming rate! ‘Cause, though the Island officially kicks off on the 24th, true to their form they’ve got events starting before that and continuing on through the weekend.

If you haven’t experienced the musical all-you-can-eat that Sled Island offers, let’s look at ONE venue on this ONE day to give a sense of the variety and content of 2015’s Sled Island Music and Arts Festival.

On this pre-opening day, at the Commonwealth Bar and Stage (731-10 Ave. SW), there’s a buffet of musicians from coast to continental coast: soloists, duos, bands and those undefined in-betweens. The Commonwealth, formerly The Warehouse if you’re that old, has separate up and downstairs stages, with their own bars and even a little dance space if you’re keen. The House Manager mentions that the top floor is for larger acts, while the basement is a bit more intimate. Be heartened by the fact that, of the 8 bands playing the venue Tuesday night (smorgasbord!!), half of them are Calgary’s own! Surprise Surprise! Their size and style, though, clumps 3 of them to the basement stage, “More suited to acoustic performances”, he says as an example.

Starting around 8:30 p.m., on the upstairs stage, Sled is presenting: Shaani Cage (Calgary); Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche (Montreal); Cousins (Halifax); and The Courtneys (Vancouver). With descriptions (in order of appearance) such as: “future soul duo”; “danceable mashup of funk, electronica and krautrock”; “psych, pop and punk”; and “sun-drenched, Flying Nun-influenced pop”. Having met most of the requirements of the Canada Food Guide for a balanced musical diet. There’s Still MORE!

Audience view of young woman with guitar and microphone
“sun-drenched, Flying Nun-influenced pop”: The Courtneys! Photo by Caitlind Brown.

Gracing the smaller, downstairs stage will be Calgary’s Brushsigns, Prepared, and Orthicon, with Portland’s Genders in the 2nd last spot. Sled describes this subterranean crowd as: “lovely, lilting pop jams”; “local hardcore veterans”; and “a deftly honed aesthetic”. These local flavours are broken up by the visiting “psychedelic, surf-infused music” from our American guest.

And for the Sled newcomer, it’s important to notice that all of these bands, like most Sled Island participants, perform several times during the Music Festival, all of which can be ascertained with the excellent Sled Island Schedule page. And that’s not even considering the ‘Arts’ part, or the comedy, film, or Sled Island Wrap-Up Karaoke!.

Bust shot of several peoples' faces on one body.
Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche is a “danceable mashup of funk, electronica and krautrock”, apparently. Image courtesy of Sled Island.

There’s one unfortunate reality, though. There’s no island, unless a creative individual sets one up in the Olympic Plaza pool during the Saturday performances.

Miesha of the Spanks, during our 2013 conversation, mentioned that one advantage Calgary’s music festival had over those eastern behemoths like NXNE, was one’s ability to see most of what will be occurring during the 5 days, with just a bicycle and a strong desire. Given the participation in excess of 250 acts in 30 or more venues, it strikes me that one would have to be living the rock ’n roll lifestyle to hope to achieve such efficiency. Which, of course, Miesha is.

For the rest of you mortals, take comfort in the knowledge that several artist I’ve interviewed have commented on the uniqueness and fairness of the programming, giving performers of all shapes and sizes (and their audience) access to a wide variety of opportunity for new discoveries, new combinations, and, Happy Happy Joy Joy, New music!

Remember also: No (Wo)Man is an Island: it’s a group effort. B-)

Author: Allen Thai

Allen has always been a fan of writing. Specifically non-fiction. But he didn’t start off being a good writer by simply just “wishing to be one”. Nope. He took the initiative to get schooled at the prestigious University Of Calgary, attaining a Bachelor of Communications. Not, however, before getting a high school diploma through a great amount of summer courses to make it possible. Afterwards he turned his attention to SAIT, something that he thought could benefit and tune his writing ability: he was dead wrong. Digital Graphic Communications did not focus on any writing whatsoever (that was Journalism). It moreso was about printing and press. So from the beginnings of picking up a novel at age 8, to now writing for MUSICAlive!, Allen carries through the same passion and grit, to succeed and excel in anything he does. And not to mention his physical appearance is as pleasing to look at as the David was, artistically/aesthetically sculpted by the great Michaelangelo. (That was a joke btw: LOL!)