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Harpdog Brown: Real Name, Real Life, Real Blues

When Harpdog Brown answers his phone in Vancouver, a month before he arrives on tour here at Calgary’s Ironwood Stage and Grill, he declares, “You’re a minute early!” And then laughs when I offer to call back 60 seconds later. So begins the storied conversation with this 35 year veteran of Canada’s blues scene.

Calgary’s FiresideMusic.ca: Rhythm & Folk, or Indie Jazz?

This story is all about creating and supporting your community, musical or whatever it may be.
Jared Clark, founder and enthusiast of the Fireside Music monthly events, held in this city, tells us:
“My Dad started folk clubs in the cities where we lived: being a musician himself, he just wanted to create community around music . . . the most recent one (being) The Inglewood Music Club. So, growing up I was around music a

Aerosol Constellations: Dark and Cheerful Drone Noise? Sure!

by Carey Rutherford The really interesting thing about Jeremy Van Wycks’ partnership with Bill Batt (in Aerosol Constellations) is that, though they’ve been working together musically for years, they have just released their first “double-sided, full-lengthish LP” (yep, vinyl) and… Continue Reading →

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