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Bebe Buckskin’s Family Feeds her Roots-Rock Creative Fire

When MUSICAlive! and musician Bebe Buckskin begin their interview, they start at the very beginning.

“I basically came out of the womb singing,” Bebe says, leading them both into laughter. “My poor mother!”
The question that prompted this was, “Why are you doing this stuff?” When the laughter dies down, Bebe elaborates.

Happily Hectic: Vincent is Composing His Brains Out!

Vincent Ho is an Ottawa-born classical composer who currently teaches at the University of Calgary and, incidentally, has works being performed and premiered ALL OVER the place, in a happy demonstration of how it’s Good to be Busy. While having lunch at The Palomino, at the heart of Calgary’s downtown, MUSICAlive! congratulated him on this achievement.

The Music Festivals are Coming:Adventures of a Calgary Wanderer

by Carey Rutherford What an amazing day of festivular expansion. There’s no way to really describe the occurrences without just chronicling them: not that amazing, really, unless you’re paying attention. The AfrikaDey! World Music Festival is just down there, just… Continue Reading →

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