There are Fast Moving Mountains in Calgary??? And they play acoustic pop! Sort of . . .

by Carey Rutherford

Where the heck have I been? Who the heck cares?

Well, I’ve been personally creating a funding program for the University of Calgary’s Teaching English as a Second Language e-Learning certificate for Persons with Disabilities, apparently. Not by choice, I’ll add. Oh, and doing the coursework, too. So excuse my absence.

And, I’ve been chatting up a couple of local musicians, just to keep you happy and informed. *sniff* I’ve missed you, man *sniff* i really have *sniff*

Josh, the songwriting/guitar playing half of Fast Moving Mountains makes no apologies for pretending to be a something they weren’t earlier this year.

“We were in the 2010 World Music Playoffs, ended up entering ourselves as a reggae band (?!), and when they realized we weren’t . . . it was already too late, ‘cause we were the first band up.”

Thomas Brinkhurst and Joshua Hughes are a Fast Moving Mountain, and definitely NOT a reggae band. And that little charade (“the crowd really liked it”) won them the opportunity to record their first CD, self-titled and sounding very live.

“We were trying to pack a lot into the recording time that we won, so a lot of it was done live.. . . But we knew our songs back to front; we’ve been playing a lot. We’ve had a show every weekend if not 2 or 3 times a week.”

What do they do on those occasions? Tom plays drums and keeps Josh on track, and Josh plays guitar and sings.

“We just found out today that we’re #1 for folk on the CJSW charts,” but Josh thinks of themselves as rock. “I think it’s just because we use an acoustic guitar,” He mentions that the first band he remembers seeing was Collective Soul, and they cover them and Nine Inch Nails (the Johnny Cash version). “I remember being a little kid at the Coke Stage going ‘yeah, collective soul!! only band i’ve ever heard but they’re my favourite now!’”

From their disc, the stylings of Neil Young or some simpler Feist tunes come to mind. But don’t take my word for it: January 14th they’ll be kicking up their heels in Dickens Pub, 1000-9th Ave. S.W., with The Pines, No Famous Death and The Ruminants.

And they won’t be playing reggae. No offense.