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Nickelback to Calgary: “F***, you rock!!”

By Carey Rutherford Yeah, there was a fair bit of profanity in the Saddledome when The Pretty Reckless opened up for Nickelback on their recent visit to Calgary. I was originally going to investigate the incredibly polar love/hate relationship music… Continue Reading →

What’s a ‘Mushy Callahan’? A Hard-Rocking Pack of Albertans

by Carey Rutherford I never asked Joel: “What’s a Mushy Callahan?” On the other hand, I also never asked “Are you like/Do you like/inspired by/nauseated by/etc. the Jonas Brothers?” Oh, sorry Joel. I wasn’t supposed to mention that other family… Continue Reading →

Dreams Of Reason playing at the Blind Beggar: Sex and drugs and rock and roll!

by Carey Rutherford Jimmy Page would be proud. For those who may have forgotten, he was not simply the heroin-addled Cromwell-obsessed lead guitarist of the ’70’s rock ‘n roll gods, Led Zeppelin; he was also their creative leader, their producer,… Continue Reading →

Danielle Duval’s first release is full of her friends: They are ‘Of The Valley’

by Carey Rutherford Danielle Duval is on tour with her second professional release with her friends and her acoustic guitar. You’ve got to hear it. “This is my first album,” she tells us, as her first release was an EP…. Continue Reading →

U2 Night in Canada

by Carey Rutherford What is there to say? How much has been written about the music of this Irish politicizer? How many words have lingered over the poeticism and sweeping imagery of the Irish history they inhabit, or the musical… Continue Reading →

Tall Ships and Bad Habits in The Palomino

by Carey Rutherford The Palomino stands up to scrutiny. Well, perhaps we should define scrutiny: if sitting in the dark sloshing back “Steam Whistle”s and listening to well played and eq’d hard rock and punk is your definition of a… Continue Reading →

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