Miesha & the Spanks, Quaker Parents . . . & A LOT More at Sled Island. Pt. 2

So, enough about festival dynamics. What about their music? Check out the Quaker Parents’ video on the Sled Island info pages, which is a casually live rendition of their song “T-Shirt”. Mark describes:

“We did that during Halifax Pop Explosion,… We did it in the backyard of this really sweet vintage clothing store called Elsie’s, and Maureen, who runs the store, set it up. It’s an older song for us now, but we had a good time doing it.. . . . It was on a shorter EP, Tap Turns Off (2011), and we still like playing it.We’re working on something a little bit longer as releases go. I did a residency for Sappyfest (‘a little independent music festival produced annually in Sackville, NB’), and I started writing during that. I’ve been doing so between working on Heaven For Real stuff (Mark’s other band at Sled Island), and Quaker Parents stuff.”

individual holding sign reading Tap Turns Off Quaker Parents
Photo courtesy of Quaker Parents

Come to Sled Island: it’s better than Fantasy Island!

Quaker Parents are working on getting new songs ready for a possible recording this fall, Meanwhile, Mark mentions that there’s a 3-song cassette yes, my ancient readers, cassette as in tape) called A Rubber Match that will be available for July or August release, Despite the current popularity of these ‘legacy’ formats though, Mark states that “the band is not about the medium: it’s a quick way to get some material released (while they work toward other ‘fuller’ releases on digital, vinyl, or whatever). You can pick up A Rubber Match at their Sled Island appearance.

“We’re just really glad to be coming out to Sled again. It seems like there’s a pretty good connection between Calgary and Halifax: we like the bands from Calgary, and all the bands that came out from Halifax last year were received pretty well.”

Man and woman in front of band instruments
Photo courtesy of artist

Speaking of legacy formats (which is strangely common in the 21st century), Miesha & the Spanks released their last piece of 12” vinyl in November, 2011 (“kind of an EP, and we’re just about to make our next release in August, so that’s our big focus right now: touring and getting ready for that release.” Vinyl. “More and more bands are going vinyl; it’s pretty exciting.” She’s also excited about the music she’ll be listening to when she gets back to Calgary on Tuesday, and since she finds it difficult to properly categorize the Spanks, we’ll let Sled Island definitions of her colleagues paint a picture of the evening:

“The show we’re playing is actually one of my favourite lineups of the whole weekend. A lot of really good bands are playing there, like Catl (“dusty blues-inspired rock ‘n roll”), and July Talk (“a frenzied balance between Americana and dancefloor-filling indie-rock”), the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (“scuzzy punk-lucid post-modern rock ‘n roll”), and Zebrassieres (“buzz-saw pop-punk”) from Ottawa (who are a really good garage group),” and of course Miesha & the Spanks (“pitch-perfect garage-soul howlers”).

“I’ll definitely be staying there all night.”

Miesha and I agree TOTALLY on the superiority of vinyl over other formats, and when I ask where all you vinyl lovers were 20 years ago when the industry was abandoned, she points out she was only 5 then. Nuff said. But, Miesha adds:

“I think we’ve done all our releases on vinyl: CDs break so easily, and they’re not so nice after a long time. Vinyl is just classic.” She mentions that the record label they’re using is Saved By Vinyl, a Calgary record label, and that there’s “a ton of Calgary artists that do vinyl, and it’s usually through this label.”

As the headline says, Miesha & the Spanks, Quaker Parents and A LOT More at Sled Island.
June 18, 2013